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Sire is a term used to describe a vampire who has created another vampire (a childe).


sire: 1. a term for the father (or genetic species providing sperm) of a creature, contrasting to the female term, dam. 2. a form of address and title for a man of rank or authority, equivalent to Lord or Prince.

In both Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem, a sire is a vampire that has Embraced a childe. The term is unisex, applying to both male and female vampires (thus a female vampire is not a dam, but is also a sire). Alternatively, the term may apply to the act of the Embrace itself, i.e. one may be said to have sired a childe. Similarly, one's sire's sire is one's grandsire, although that particular distinction may not be particularly relevant. Typically, a fledgling's sire is held accountable for the new childe's actions until such a time that the childe is capable of striking out on their own.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

Sire: A vampire who has Embraced childe(r) and monitors their progress; Often seen as the "Parent" of a childe.

Due to the nature of generation, a sire will always be of lower generation than their childe unless said childe lowers their generation via diablerie.

Vampire: The RequiemEdit

e.g. "I was Embraced by Persephone, Persephone was my sire. Persephone made me the vampire I am today."

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