Singing Water was an Uktena. During the Trail of Tears of the Cherokee in 1838, she died protecting her Kinfolk. Singing Water was the guardian of the Mammoth's Bone, a tremendously powerful and ancient fetish, but before her death she managed to impart the artifact onto one of her Cherokee Kinfolk and give him a brief history of the fetish and the charge of eventually getting it back into the hands of the Changing Breeds.[1] In 1892 Joseph Tallman's mother (a Cherokee woman of unknown name) died, but not before passing the powerful and ancient Mammoth's Bone fetish on to him. He eventually gave the artifact to his wife, Moriah Tallman, as a wedding gift.[2] In 1910, Joseph Tallman died, leaving his widow Moriah Tallman to care for their children as well as the ancient and powerful fetish known as the Mammoth's Bone, though she knew essentially nothing of the artifact's nature. Desperate to support her children and herself, she attempts to sell the artifact, but cannot find anybody willing to purchase it for a price she deems reasonable. Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk eventually catch wind of this, and attack her and her children, killing them and setting their house (in North Carolina, near Boone) on fire in the process. Her neighbors arrive and scare them off before they can secure the fetish, but can do nothing to save Moriah, her children, or her house. One of her neighbors, Everett Peebels, finds the mysteriously-undamaged sliver of mammoth's bone amidst the ashes and rubble, and secretly removes it from the site.[3]