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Singing Dogs are a garou pack of Indonesia that claims no descent from any Tribe.


The Singing Dogs are a strange curiosity of Indonesia. Some Garou who know of them believe that the Singing Dogs are, in fact, a complete new tribe or an offshoot of the Bunyip, in a similar manner to the Siberakh. They breed not with wolves, but with the local Hallstrom dog population, who descend from dingos. They have the patronage of a unique Totem, Bird of Paradise, who grants them unique Gifts, as well as a separate pack totem, Singing Dog.

The only encountered pack of Singing Dogs counted four members; a lupus, a metis and two homids, who maintained a Caern on New Guinea and tried to protect the rainforest that surrounded it. They also struggled to keep their nearly extinct kinfolk line intact.


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