Singers Silence
Name: Singers in Silence
Nicknames: Banshees
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Death

The Singers in Silence are a Legacy that deals with the grief over the fate of the restless ghosts in the tradition of the mourning over a recently dead person. The Banshee are oftentimes misunderstood by those outside of the Legacy, and more than once in their history, they have been in danger of being labeled as Left-Handed. In truth, however, while some Singers have certainly been driven mad by their Attainments and nudged well into the dark ways, the Legacy is no more Left-Handed than fate -- or death -- itself.


Even among the Singers in Silence themselves, the origins of the Legacy are uncertain. Oral tradition has almost certainly enhanced and manipulated the facts of the Banshee creation tale, although, as with many of the spoken Mysteries, the Truth of the story remains. What is known is that a woman of early Ireland, Brea, is accorded the honor of being first of the Singers in Silence. Favor (and fear) of the Banshees have waxed and waned during the history of the Pentacle. During some time periods, the Singers were actively hunted. During the Great Depression, a male Singer was alleged to have "aided" in the suicides of more than a thousand Sleepers when financial disaster struck, leaving them and their families with few options for survival. Arguing that his victims "wanted it, begged for it," the Banshee was brought up on trial by his local Consilium, and the proceedings erupted into violence and fervor that eventually led to his destruction after he publicly threatened to use his Attainments on not only the members of the jury council but also on their Sleeper families as well.

However, in other times, the Banshee have gained a reputation as useful and dedicated counselors: The life of a mage is rarely a peaceful one, and the costs of standing against the Lie are often high. When grief strikes deep within the heart of an Awakened, threatening to send him mad with rage or depression, a Singer is sometimes able to reach within and aid the mage in purging herself of the pain. Such interventions, however, are rarely called upon in anything but the most dire of circumstances; even in the best of times, few who have heard the legends of the Banshee are willing to risk asking for their aid.

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