The Shuankhsen are a mysterious group of mummies, parallel to the Arisen, with the power to devour the Pillars of mortals, and with an all-consuming loathing of the heirs of Irem. They are unwilling servants of Ammut the Devourer, and were originally the sacrifices made to her in order to make the Rite of Return possible. Unlike the Arisen, they recall with perfect clarity the days of Irem, though Ammut put them under a geas to prevent speaking of it.

Shuankhsen control Sekhem like the Arisen, though they command less of it. (In game terms, they start with a Sekhem of 3.) Unlike the Arisen, they cannot form an independent body out of sahu, but must claim an existing corpse, which may take on wounds reflecting how the Shuankhsen originally died. The corpse also changes subtly to resemble the Shuankhsen's self-image, within limits: the body may become more or less muscular, for instance, but primary sex characteristics cannot change.

Shuankhsen do not begin their unlife knowing any Utterances but may steal them from Arisen by devouring a point of Sekhem; occasionally they may learn to use an Utterance that has been used against them. They have access to most of the same Affinities as Arisen, plus Bane Affinities granted by Ammut. They can also use the Rite of the Engraved Heart to create Fasad, a twisted counterpart to the Sadikh.

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