A Shroudripper is one of the Whistimmu, or creatures of the Tempest, found in Wraith: The Oblivion. Shroudrippers are among the most elusive of Whistimmu, difficult to spot and nearly impossible to capture and examine. While they have yet to be examined in detail, it is generally agreed that Shroudrippers have a small, compact body and thin, webbing stretched between ten "fingers" that allow them to fly. The webbing also holds small jets from which acid can be sprayed, and the fingers each end in a very sharp talon. However, Shroudrippers are extremely fragile; destroyed ones whose Corpus are recovered melt into a shapeless pile of plasm in seconds.

Thier fragile forms are not the only reason for rare sightings; flocks of Shroudrippers also only appear following Maelstroms. In addition, Shroudrippers appear to be a new form of Whistimmu, only appearing after the Fifth Great Maelstrom. The few wraiths who have encountered flocks of Shroudrippers report flight at high speeds, incredible dexterity, acidic mists, and shreaded weaponry. Some call the attacks of the Shroudrippers the "Lighting Ride", due to the glowing effect produced by the acidic mists.

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