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Julietta Putanesca


Clan Giovanni

Shlomo Rothstein is the capo of Las Vegas, coordinating the activities of the Giovanni within the city.

Born within a small village under Giovanni protection, Shlomo had the aspiration to become like his undead patrons from an early age. When he was an adult, his viciousness and quick mind had earned him a place under the ghouls of the family. After thirty years of training, he was embraced into the Giovanni Clan, expanding the clan with the Rothstein family, a jewish bloodline of devout kabbalists.

Abroad, he discovered Las Vegas and dreamt of ruling it. In the service of the Clan and with connections of his family, he eventually gained a position of power within the Clan, expanding his fortune with the control of various casinos. Although the city is nominally controlled by the Camarilla, Rothstein works to ensure that he is the true authority of the city. Known to never break his word (and finding loopholes in every contract and assignment), Rothstein works hard to gain a reputation of power among the local Cainites.

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