Shinzui Enterprise is a megacorporation under the thrall of the Weaver, in a similar manner that Pentex acts as an agency of the Wyrm. It originated in Japan as an advanced technology research center. Many officials in the upper management are actually Drones. The corporation also has ties with another Weaver-influenced company, DNA.

In one scenario of the Apocalypse, Shinzui becomes a vehicle for a sentient aspect of the Weaver, the Machine. Under the leadership of the Machine, Shinzui overtook Pentex, becoming the single greatest corporation in existence. Another goal was the severance from the world of matter from the world of spirit by strengthening the Gauntlet to a ridiculous amount. Shinzui also specialized in terminating or assimilating Changing Breeds, seeing their half-spirit, half-flesh natures as an affront to their ultimate goal. Other supernaturals, like mages or vampires, were also targeted by them.

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