Shepherds are a type of Spectre found in Orpheus. They work closely with another group of Spectres, the Fetches. Shepherds are responsible for the controlling and summoning Fetches to do dirty work; marginally more intelligent than many other breeds, Shepherds are often sent with their Fetch minions to round up certain ghosts that their hive has targeted. They appear as robed figures with masks of iron. If the hood is pulled back (which is a very foolish thing to do), the mask floats in air, as though affixed to an invisible head. If the robe is pulled back (an even more foolish thing to do), a ghost will see several sets of eyes staring back at them from the darkness there. These eyes belong to the Fetches that the Shepherd can, and usually will, summon. Shepherds also come complete with a shepherd's crook and chain-link leashes for their Fetches.

As they hide beneath flowing robes, they are often mistaken for the similar-looking Reapers.


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