Shazear is one of the seven Zmei from Russia. He is able to shapeshift and assume human form.



Shazear, as depicted in Rage Across Russia. Drawn by Dan Smith.

Shazear was brought into the world by a sorceress named Baba Yaga when she invoked the Great Zmei in an attempt to kill the Nosferatu Antediluvian.

After the great battle with the ancient Absimiliard, the first thing Shazear saw was a nomadic camp of humans. He immediately became fascinated with the little creatures. He took their form to get a better look and lived among them ever since. While his brothers and sisters settle down and terrorized the lands of Russia until they were magically imprisoned by the Silver Fangs, Shazear escaped the werewolves hunt completely because they didn't even knew he existed.

Shazear has come to love the ways of the "little people". Of all Zmei he is the most likely to be turned from the path of the Wyrm and back to the path of the Wyld. Due to his long sabbatical against humans, he is no longer susceptible to Rustarin's commands through her stare. Gregornous found him after Baba Yaga awakened form her torpor, but Shazear has convinced him that he has only been awake for a few years. If the other Zmei were to know that he wandered for so long without trying to free them, he might not survive their anger.

Baba Yaga, though, is the only being that he truly fears. He serves her, but he wants out (and this isn't for ethical reasons, he just can't stand leashes anymore). He defeated the Silver Fangs in 1917, partially due to poor advice from the Children of Gaia (which created antipathy between the two tribes in Russia).[1]

Shazear is only 40 feet long in his dragon form, the smallest, but also the most clever and resourceful of the Great Zmei. His reflective scales look like crystals from a shadowy gray color and his eyes glisten and move with intelligence and cunning. He is by nature curious and insightful. As a human, he appears as a very good looking young man in his late twenties, with black hair, medium build and gray eyes.