Sharkala the Cruel was a poweful Zmei of Russia. He was destroyed in 1240.



Garou glyph for danger.


Garou glyph for monster.

Sharkala was destroyed at the hands of the twin Silver Fang heroes Sophia and Yuri Tvarivich, who led an assault against him in 1240. Sharkala had already killed several garou packs, forcing Yuri, the King of House Crescent Moon himself to take the field.

He was accompanied by his sister, five other Silver Fangs – Georges of Armenai, Boris, Foma, Vassili, and Utra, and also Pyotor, of the Glass Walkers; Ulu, of the Stargazers; the Bone Gnawer Igor Valkof; Mehmet, of the Silent Striders; Katja, of the Black Furies, and the Get of Fenris hero Ragnor.

Utra, Ragnor, Boris, and Katja all died in the battle, as did Sophia after she was rooted to a spot by the creature's baleful gaze. She was still able to pass her brother the Firebird Feather, a legendary fetish handed to her in secret years before by their dying grandfather. Yuri drove the Feather into the Wyrm beast defeating it once and for all. However, Yuri himself was mortally wounded as he delivered the final blow.