Shankar was an Indian Assamite with ties to the Thuggee.

Born under British occupation, Shankar was one of the many angry, young men that wished to see the occupators gone. Shankar's antipathy was arosed after british soldiers had dishonored his mother and sister and the British commander had sendt him and his brothers away. He left his family in search of the Thuggee and found another sect of assassins, one that would guide him against the undead masters of the pale britains. He was an eager learner, growing with fury as he listened to the shame his new-found family was put through. With many other young Assamite Warriors, he questioned the wisdom of the Treaty, preaching open war against the Camarilla and even searching out antitribu for aid against this oppressors.

His allegiance (or even survival) following the Schism is unknown.

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