c. 1500 BC [1]

Final Death:





4th [2]


Haqim [3]


Thetmes [4]



Sha'hiri was an Eldest of the Assamites, the "Old Man of the Mountain", before his Kindred brother Jamal. He was a wealthy Syrian cloth merchant who was a regular spectator of the gladiatorial games during the Roman Era.

The Du'at found Sha'hiri guilty of bringing the shame of the Treaty of Tyre in 1496 upon the Clan. Sha'hiri stepped down, charging Jamal with redeeming the children and allowing himself to be diablerized by him.


At Libellus Sanguinis III, Sha'hiri is described as the Eldest and as a part of the Sorcerer Caste. [5] However, given that Thetmes is part of the Warrior Caste (and Castes cannot be changed) and that all Assamite Sorcerers are believed to descend from ur-Shulgi, this was likely a mistake on behalf of the authors.

References Edit

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