The Sha are mysterious creatures resembling the Set animal. While rare since the downfall of the Nameless Empire, they resurfaced during the first Sothic Turn, but slowly died out in the aftermath.


The Sha resemble Amkhata, but are far more delicate made, incorporating the craft of all six guilds into them. Made from human flesh shaped into animalistic effigies, they are kept together by golden wire that infuses their body. Their skin was made from bark and covered with dense Iremite writing. Their eyes are amulets bearing the symbols of the Maa-Kep and they gain intelligence via scrolls that are deposited in their throat. In addition, all Sha were shapeshifters, able to assume human form to interact with mortal society.

The Sha guided the Arisen during the first Sothic Turn, teaching them Utterances, the insights of Sybaris and how loyal cultists could call them back from Duat if the need was dire. From their remains, the Rite of the Engraved Heart was formed, resulting in the creation of the Sadikh for the Arisen and the Fasad for the Shuankhsen.

In the following centuries, the Sha slowly dwindled to nothing, because their Sekhem did not replenish and they had no ways of regenerating it. Others were captured by Ammut's servants and their secrets stolen and used for their purposes.


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