Not to be confused with the seventh Generation of vampires.

The Seventh Generation was a Wyrm cult involved in the ritual abuse of children.


The cult encouraged child abuse in order to damage children so much that when they grew up, they would not only perpetuate the cycle, they would also be ripe for corruption by the Wyrm.

The Seventh Generation was divided into several castes. The Warriors defended the cult. The Snatchers abducted children for use in rituals. The Medical caste conducted experiments. The Military, Government, and Business castes meddled in each of those spheres, using them to keep their enemies away.

The Seventh Generation was headquartered in New York, but had other branches elsewhere. King Albrecht led a crusade against the Seventh Generation shortly after receiving the Silver Crown. The cult was crushed, but he could not reach all the branches, so it has the potential of reorganizing itself and returning.



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