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Follower of Set

Setnakhte, also known as Alsezir, was a Setite in the service of the Red Temple of Thebes during the Dark Ages. He traces his lineage from Detonate, a sixth-generation vampire, but his exact Generation is unknown.


Of Moorish origin with gold-flecked eyes, Setnakhte was sent as an agent of the Temple to observe the advances of his Clanmate Ankhesenaten to unlock the secrets of Khay’talls scarab amulet, which had protected his essence from being devoured by his own childe during the fall of Constantinople. He met with Ankhesenatens caravan in Aquileia, where he also met the young desheru Meribah, whom Setnakhte was ordered to eliminate, as she was seen as a disgrace to the Clan she was embraced into. Setnakhte also used the opportunity to observe the Giovanni envoys in Aquileia.

Through an agreement with Ankhesenaten, Setnakhte left the city quickly. His future fate is not recorded, but the sentence he was tasked to carry out was not administered.


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