Setite Sorcery is the name used by Kindred of other clans for the blood sorcery practised by the Followers of Set.


Setite Sorcery is a term usually used in ignorance; Setite spells are closely guarded secrets and few outside the clan know of them in any detail. The term is never used within the clan.

Most Kindred who have experience of Setite magic will have encountered Akhu, but in truth Setites practice at least four different forms of heavily religious blood sorcery.

Forms of Setite SorceryEdit

The trappings, traditions and beliefs vary between the branches and bloodlines of the clan:

  • Akhu: Set's perversion of traditional Egyptian magic, practised by lector-priests of the mainstream clan.
  • Nahuallotl: the sacrificial South American blood magic of the Tlacique bloodline, unknown to Western vampires.
  • Sadhana: a vampiric version of Hindu sorcery, practised by the Daitya and other Indian vampires.
  • Wanga: the sorcery of the heretical Serpents of the Light, based on Haitian Voudon and other Afro-Caribbean folk magic.


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