Septima Dominica

Final Death:









Septima Dominica was the eldest childe of Antonius the Gaul and followed him to Constantinople when her sire formed the Trinity alongside Michael and the Dracon.

During the Fourth Council in Constantinople in 796, she proposes (with Caius) Antonius' destruction. Eventually, she was destroyed by witch-hunters and her own childe, Ducas.


Originally the wife of an influential senator in Rome, Septima quickly became an influential figure among the roman Ventrue and an advisor to her sire. Septima and Antonius, however, had very different interpretations on how mortals should interact with vampires. While Septima relished in blood orgies and inspiring both dread and awe in the kine, Antonius policy was one of absolute secrecy, mirroring the formation of the Masquerade. When Antonius instigated the Iconoclast Movement, Septima betrayed her sire to the Fourth Council.

She later acted as an advisor to Caius, who had succeeded Antonius as leader of the Ventrue, until she died when her haven was set on fire by her own childe, Ducas, who had supported Antonius agenda of secrecy and wanted to make an example of her.


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