The Sept of the Second Night is a caern located in Asyut, Egypt. It is level 1 with Gauntlet of 4. It is an Enigmas caern and the Totem is Sphinx. The tribal structure is open. It is a small caern, and its only permanent resident is the Stargazer Theurge, Mahfouz Eye-of-a-Thousand-Fathers. He is the Keeper of the Land. It is ostensibly the oldest caern in Egypt and possibly the oldest caern in the world. An older, more powerful caern called the Caern of the First Night is rumored to be hidden in the Penumbra. It sits among an industrial strip with a gold sign reading "Mahfouz's Antiques, Curios, and Collectables". The energy it gives out is limited, but its distance from Qena caern makes it a vital emergency stop. [1]


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