Sending is a term used by the Rokea shapeshifters to describe their unique communication method through the electric signals.


The Sending is the Rokea’s natural means form of communication. Weresharks can send and receive faint electrical pulses, which travel up to half a mile through open water. On land, the Sending has a range of about 50 feet. Under normal circumstances, no rolls are required to use this ability, it’s as natural as talking is to humans. However, unless the character uses the Darkwater Gift: Silent Sending, all Rokea within range perceive these Sendings.

Sending also allows weresharks to freely communicate with undersea spirits without spending Gnosis or using a Gift. Rokea can receive Sendings in all of their forms but cannot normally produce them in homid form. Until they have spent at least some time on land, most squamous weresharks know no human languages and cannot communicate with anyone in homid form.


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