Name: Selkie
Plural: Selkies
Thallain: Kelpies

Selkies are skinchanger fae, able to assume the form of a seal thanks to a chimerical sealskin.

Overview Edit

Selkies are neither sea or land creatures, but inhabit the shoreline in between. Their sealskins may have a Seeming that resembles anything from a belt to a coat to a wetsuit; when in human shape, the selkie can always tell the location of their sealskin, and damage to the sealskin can hurt or even kill them. If a selkie's sealskin is stolen or lost, the selkie cannot spend Glamour or do any fae magic until it is recovered.

Donning the sealskin and immersing themself in water allows the selkie to change into their seal form, which resembles a normal harp seal or harbor seal. In human form, selkies have large, dark eyes and may have slightly webbed fingers and toes.

Culture Edit

When a selkie dies, their sealskin is passed on to someone else, usually a kinain, who then becomes a new selkie. Occasionally a seal with selkie ancestry learns to shed its skin and take on human shape, but this is less common.

Selkies are found in coastal areas, as they will succumb to Banality if they travel too far from the sea. The may take jobs as sailors, fishermen, lifeguards, or other occupations that allow them regular contact with water. A selkie can also shed Banality by spending time in their seal shape. If a selkie has been away from the shore for too long, they may be shocked out of Banality by wrapping them in their sealskin and tossing them into the water, but this may send them into Bedlam instead.

Birthrights Edit

  • Affinity: Nature
  • Seal's Beauty: All selkies possess a natural magnetism. In game terms, they gain a +2 on Charisma when interacting with someone who might be sexually or romantically attracted to them.
  • Ocean's Grace: Selkies are slightly clumsier on dry land than most, but they are at home in the water, even in human form. They can lower the difficulty of any Dexterity rolls by two when in the water and can never both a Swim roll, but the difficulty of a Dexterity roll on land is raised by one.

Frailty Edit


References Edit

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