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A Seeming is a label for changelings who have undergone similar transformations while being held prisoner in the Faerie realm. It is largely a reflection of the experiences and environment the Lost was held in before escaping.[1] [2] Changelings who share a Seeming often share not only physical traits, but psychological and emotional ones as well; they have shared common experiences of Faerie, and were often captured by or drawn to their Keepers in similar ways.

Seemings may be further categorised into Kiths, Changelings who share very specific similarities beyond those of their Seeming. While their supernatural changes might be similar, however, Changelings of the same Seeming, or even the same Kith, may have radically different Miens.

There are six Seemings recognised by Changelings:

  • Beasts are changelings who were used or treated as animals during their captivity. They take on some part of an animal's nature and appearance, bestial sensation and instinct ever struggling for dominance with human thought and reason. [3]
  • Darkling changelings have been imbued with the darkness of Faerie, embodying shadow and stealth, fear and deception. Spawned of darkness, their magic fades in the light of day. [4] [5]
  • The Elementals were used as inanimate objects or forces of nature during their captivity. When they return to the mortal realm, they retain power over the elements they once belonged to, but find that humanity has become alien to them. [6]
  • The Fairest embody grace and power, beauty and cruelty, able to enchant and beguile those around them. [7] [8]
  • Ogres are creatures of great strength and prowess, hardened and brutalised by the tortures and abuses they endured at their masters' hands. [4] [9]
  • The Wizened have lost something of themselves to Faerie. Reduced in body and/or mind, made smaller than they were, they have turned bitter and spiteful. Their withered appearance, however, conceals inhuman agility and dexterity. [4] [10]


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