The Secret Masters, also known as the Daeva, are a group (or groups) of supernaturals that vie for control over the world with each other and the Ventrue.


They have been known under many monicker throughout the centuries: Ourani, Gigantes, Starets, Occulta Reginae and Dævas. The Secret Masters are behind the efforts of other supernaturals, like werebeasts or mages, and hate the brood of Caine for being able to live among them and truly coexist with them.

The Ventrue believe that Caine himself has given [Ventrue] the imperative of stopping the Secret Masters, after he had witnessed the coming of great destruction for mankind from their hands. [Ventrue] was determined to free the Children of Seth from their subservience to these creatures. They point to events like those surrounding Chicago to prove the existence of powerful puppet-masters that use supernaturals to further their own goals. In the Dark Ages, the Ventrue had an own knight chapter, the Knights of the Blood, solely dedicated to combat the machinations of the Secret Masters. Many of the surviving members later joined the Ventrue antitribu.

Historically, Ventrue have used the concept of the Secret Masters to shut down rebellious childer and to cement their blood-born right to rule the descendants of Caine. Because of this, many contemporary Kindred (although the sentiments reach down to the Dark Ages) believe that the Secret Masters are nothing but a sham used by Ventrue Methuselahs to cement their own dominance. Ventrue, who believe in the concept of the Secret Masters, are often paranoid and power-hungry, as they see themselves surrounded by hostile forces that control everything and the only thing they can be sure of are their own decisions.

Possible Members of the Secret MastersEdit


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