The Sebek are the Pandoran Mockery of the Osiris Lineage of Prometheans. They are named for the crocodile god of Egypt, in reference to the crocodiles who devoured the missing part of Osiris.

Sebek are hungry, wicked and savage, preferring to devour Pyros by devouring the flesh of Prometheans. They prefer to live in water, adopting many of the habits of real crocodiles in their hunt for Azothic radiance.

Sebek in their dormant form, and still in the water, resemble flotsam and debris found in rivers, and sewers. Those who are dormant in dry land still appear soaked, as though the debris had just been pulled from water.

All Sebek possess the Pandoran Transmutations Armor, Fangs and Sebek's Gift.


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