Sebastian LaCroix


None (has many derogatory nicknames given by detractors such as "two bit babyfaced Prince", simply "LaCroix", and various curses). It is also worth noting that the Malkavian player character refers to him as, "The Jester Prince."





Final Death:

Sometime during Final Nights (possibly 2005)








Prince of Los Angeles

Sebastian LaCroix is a French Kindred of the Ventrue clan and Camarilla Prince of Los Angeles in the Final Nights.


Born in Calais, France, LaCroix ascended in the ranks of Napoleon's army until, presumably in his early twenties, he was embraced by a Belgian Ventrue nobleman. He climbed through the Camarilla's ranks, having several charges in France and England before becoming Prince in Los Angeles in 2004. He is head of the LaCroix Foundation, and resides in the Venture Tower in downtown Los Angeles, commanding the city from his penthouse office.

By Camarilla tradition, he is the prince of all Kindred within his domain, though few acknowledge his authority. According to the anarchs of Los Angeles, LaCroix's position in vampire society was not earned naturally but by other means; additionally, they believe that the Camarilla's laws cannot be applied to them by the prince, seeing as they are free.

The player first encounters Prince LaCroix at the beginning of the game. While the fate of the player's sire is pre-judged, Lacroix allows a second chance after Nines protest, allowing the player to choose a separate fate for themselves. At all times the prince is protected by an all powerful bodyguard only known as The Sheriff. LaCroix appears to request unwarranted errands and investigations simply because he can; it is implied by other characters (especially Jack) that he knowingly sends the player on suicide missions. This is further confirmed when the player returns from the Hallowbrook Hotel where he slayed the Sabbat and security officer Chunk mentions that Lacroix did not expect him.

Furthermore, at several points he uses Dominate to enforce his will, should the player try to refuse his quests. The fate of the prince in all endings results in him being removed from his position as Prince of Los Angeles, presumably to the relief of his many detractors.

Although shamelessly pompous, wrathful and unscrupulous, it is peculiar to note that if the player chooses the Kuei-Jin ending he does not beg for his life, but accepts his fate with uncharacteristic humility. It is to be debated whether his intentions were to acquire the sarcophagus from the very detection of it's arrival, or if he became caught up in the paranoia gripping the city's other residents and sought it in hopes of presumably diablerizing the inhabitant before someone else did. Regardless, he is a complex character that many "love to hate" for his wily ways. Although self assured and determined, he is still young by vampire standards (the Tremere primogen calls him "neonate") and his naivete in respect to the sarcophagus resulted in what might have been a last grab to secure himself in the game of survival that all Kindred are caught up in, being that there is relatively little opportunity for younger Ventrue in the Final Nights.

Although his actions against the player character are cruel and manipulative, one might concede that he owed no allegiance to said player or their sire to begin with, especially if said sire was possibly aligned against him and the player character would surely(in his mind) seek retribution for their sire's death. His character is an example of a survival driven person that chooses to err on the side of unscrupulousness in order to ensure his desired path of one suited to politics and leadership. Being that all Kindred are by nature feral and prone to loss of humanity, his characterization as "villain" is debatable, although he certainly proves to be insufferable enough to receive such a title.


  • "The folly of leadership is knowing that, no matter what you do, behind your back there are hundreds, certain that their own solution is the sounder one, and that your decision was the by-product of a whimsical dart tossI pronounce the blast sentence, and I soak the critical fallout. I make the decisions no-one else will. Leadership... I wear the albatross and a bullseye."
  • "Power is life to our kind. Those without power disintegrate into the nights of the past, hundreds of names I know once instilled fear, now unknown. You see it's not enough to attain power, one must also maintain power."
  • "Each minor problem like a grain of sand, each night I inherit the desert."
  • "GIVE. ME. THE. KEY!"

Game notes Edit

LaCroix is the primary antagonist of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, though because he rules L.A. the player will generally have to work for him, whatever their true loyalties. LaCroix provides many of the storyline's main quests, and also offers several sidequests through e-mail. He will grant you access to a dwelling in the Skyline apartment building, unless the player's character is rude or a Tremere or Nosferatu.


  • Santa Monica

Though technically not a quest, the entire city of Santa Monica was a quest given by the prince for the player to complete.


  • LaCroix likes to bend his subjects to his will, including those he works with. Much like Velvet Velour, he prefers to extend his dominion through others.
  • Prince LaCroix's recent destruction is referenced to in the novel VTM: Gehenna: The Final Night , the first book of the Time of Judgment Trilogy and the final Vampire: The Masquerade novel. Thus, the appearances of Smiling Jack and Beckett (and possibly Caine) occur in Bloodlines before their appearances in the Gehenna novel.
  • Although purely speculative, it should be noted that LaCroix's tone of voice when he mentions being "embraced by a Belgian noble" is not a pleasant one and might allude to an unwanted or troublesome embrace. This is interesting as the Ventrue tend to take pride in their heritage.
  • During one of the endings, he alludes to the player that acquiring the sarcophagus would render the Camarilla powerless against him. Technically, this makes him Antitribu (although many vampires are to some extent because of their underhanded, disloyal natures).
  • He is unapologetically demanding, lofty in his mannerisms, scheming and at times childish. He is also clever, reflective, tenacious and accepts his possible fate at the hands of the Kuei Jin with uncharacteristic humility that might be construed by some as defeat. Regardless, he is perhaps the most developed of all characters as we see the broad spectrum of his emotions and personality.
  • LaCroix is probably named after Lucien LaCroix, the head vampire from the mid-'90s vampire series Forever Knight, although that LaCroix's name is pronounced in a more proper French fashion (la crwah) rather than the Anglicized version (la croy). The name translates to "the cross," an ironic name for a vampire. It's one of several references in Bloodlines to Forever Knight.

References Edit

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