The Seat of Thorns is the palace of the Emerald Lord and the headquarters for the Emerald Legion. It glows with the brilliance of thousands of bright green soulfire crystals on the building itself, making it stand out among the dreary grays and blacks of Stygia and the Shadowlands. Each crystal is charged with enough energy to send a wraith straight into a Harrowing. Surrounding the beauty is a half-mile thick tangle of sentient thorns that protect the palace from intruders and form a thick armor over the building in the event of a siege. In the event of an all-out war between the Deathlords, the Emerald Legion will be well-protected indeed.

The beauty extends to inside the building where more soulfire crystals sparkle in the corridors and rooms. The interior crystals are charged with Pathos, and are as capable of the exterior ones of destroying anything that touches them. Throughout the building are also specially-made mirrors. These mirrors can reflect the past of the viewer, showing them where fate decided to take them out. However, they can also be altered to reflect fears, failures, and misdirection.


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