The Seat of Succor is the palace of the Laughing Lady and the headquarters of the Penitent Legion. It is one of the only palaces to have been conquered by another Legion, but many claim its weaknesses also serve as its strengths. It exists as a fortification, but it also a clinic of sorts where the members of the Legion come to terms with their madness.

The exterior of the building is simple and sparse, especially compared to the more elaborate structures of other Legion Seats. It looks like a prison, or perhaps more appropriately, an old mental institution. From outside the structure, mad laughter can be heard through the walls, although it can be difficult to tell from the sound of weeping at times.

Inside, the building is divided into two parts. Those who can stand the noise of moans and madness are welcome to venture into the public sections of the building. But unless you are a Penitent, it is unwise to delve into the Legion-only areas. To them the order of the corridors and rooms make perfect sense. To outsiders, the corridors wind and switch around, visions assault the senses, and it is all too easy to end up back outside with no idea of how the visitor got there. The nature of these passages also helps with the defense of the building; it was how the Laughing Lady managed to escape when the Grim Legion attacked them during the Great War, for example.


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