The Seat of Silence is the palace for the Quiet Lord and the headquarters for the Silent Legion. The building has a simple, orderly beauty which servers as the counterpoint for the inner turmoil of many of its residents.

In contrast to the maddening laughter heard outside the Seat of Succor, the outside of the Seat of Silence has a maddening quiet. The tall and beautiful spires of the palace are bent over as if weeping for those within. Most of the time, they are swallowed up by an almost cemetery-like gloom, complete with fog and fading light. The outside of the Seat is not a place most wraiths choose to go to spend a pleasant day out.

The inside is where the noise is; constant wailing and crying is heard throughout the halls of the Seat. These expressions vanish down long hallways that absorb the sound so they can never echo back. The cries are not illusions or memories; they are actual Silent Legion members working out their grief over their final, fatal choice. Those who can stop the tears will receive counselling from Legion Pardoners.


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