The Seat of Burning Waters is the palace of the Smiling Lord and the headquarters for the Grim Legion in Stygia. From here, the Smiling Lord schemes against his fellow Deathlords and makes grand plans for the future of his branch of the Hierarchy.

The palace gets its name for the infamous throne room where the Smiling Lord rules over his Legion. A massive throne made of soulsteel, relic iron, and covered in Stygian Steel sits in the middle of a massive moat of flames. A single, simple arched bridge is the only way across the fire to the dias in the center of the room; when the Smiling Lord is in residence, this bridge is blocked by Executioners, the elite bodyguards of the Grim Legion.

The moat itself is what attracts the most attention. It simply appears to be flames dancing on top of a dark liquid, much like oil burns across water. However, it is much more complex than it appears. Soulfire crystals, constantly being maintained to keep their brightness and power, pave the edges of the moat. Plasm from the Sunless Sea provides most of the liquid, but mixed in are those the Smiling Lord and his Legion have judged to be of no service to them; many are murderers whose victims in the ranks of the Grim Legion had caught and prosecuted. As their Pathos and Corpus slowly burns away in the pit, they emit screams of agony before they fall into the sweet release of Oblivion. Between the fierce flames and the horrific wail, the Seat of Burning Waters is a place few wraiths desire to see.

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