Sea of Shadows is a term used by Wraiths to describe the "bottom" layer of the Tempest which flows around and into the Labyrinth and Oblivion.


The Sea of Shadows is the coldest, darkest, and most depressing area in a place renowned for being freezing, devoid of light, and despairing. Even the mystical lanterns of the Ferrymen cease to function in this area; the only light that functions in the Sea of Shadows comes from sickly green Spectre-fire. The Sea of Shadows primarily consists of Spectres, seething and writhing just above the Labyrinth. Their main purpose is to act as a barrier against those who are not ready for Spectredom; however, they also gladly pull souls ready for their dark transformation deep within, where they either become Spectres as well or are delivered to Oblivion itself. Two whirlpools exist at opposite ends of the Labyrinth, pulling anything floating in the Sea of Shadows deep within. 



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