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SchreckNet is a computer network created and maintained by the Nosferatu in the Classic World of Darkness.

Originally created by the New York-based Nosferatu Gerard Rafin ("Uncle Smelly") as a sort of special network "piggybacked" on the regular Internet, it is used exclusively for communications among the Nosferatu, primarily as a means for the Nosferatu to keep their intelligence gathering operations up-to-date. The Nosferatu used SchreckNet to share secrets and information, as well as discuss plans and goals. Membership was not limited to Camarilla-aligned Nosferatu, but was open to the antitribu as well. During the Camarilla's siege of Sabbat-occupied New York, the Nosferatu grudgingly gave other Camarilla clans limited access to SchreckNET, though the lion's share of its usage by far remains with the Nosferatu.

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