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Garou glyph for Scar.

Scar is one of the Near Realms of the Umbra. It is a manifestation of the industrial revolution corrupted into a soul grinding oppression under a rusted prosperity ideal. Some believe that the Scar was originally like a homid version of Wolfhome. Whatever the Scar was to begin with, it is now a far cry from what it is now: A vile blight with an unholy alliance of Weaver and Wyrm spirits that call this realm their home.

It is a gloomy, gritty city of ashen slums, befouled shantytowns, deafening factories and endless pollution. The ground has been ravaged by strip-mines and a few architectural abortions of office buildings provide headquarters for the Banes and Weaver-spirits that over see the whole affair. One can get quickly covered in soot just by standing still. The factories produce many Wyrm's Fetishes. It is very difficult to escape due to the Weaver's webs reinforcing the Gauntlet.


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