The Scales of the Dragon are individual specializations of the Coils of the Dragon.


The Scales of the Dragon are the result of extensive modification and research of an existing Coil. Scales are therefore tailor-made by the Dragon who first pioneered them and are often secrets not idely shared. Kindred can be forced to sleep at night and wake during the day, mortals given a taste for blood, and ghouls made to last well beyond their natural span. But these procedures can be brutal, tantamount to torture, and carry side effects both physical and psychological. As such, Dragons who pursue them maintain private laboratories, secured against interlopers, in which they can carry out their experiments in peace.

Example ScalesEdit

  • Blood Cleansing Ritual: Developed from the Coil of the Voivode, the Dragon creatures a mixture of animal blood and viscera contaminated with his own vitae. The Dragon repeatedly dumps this solution into the subject’s nose and mouth. Doing so can break Blood Bonds.
  • Flesh Graft Treatment: Developed from the Coil of the Ascendant, the Dragon uses a system of skin grafts soaked in fresh human blood, as well as blood transfusions from vampires to reinvigorate a wounded body part, letting it appear almost lifelike. Doing so accelerates the healing of wounds.
  • Surgical Heart Removal: Developed from the Coil of the Wyrm, the Dragon takes out a Kindred's heart in open surgery and realignes the veins. The subject becomes immune to staking.