Savio de Verona



Savio de Verona was a Ventrue scholar of the Road of Humanity who eventually fell from it and turned into a monster.


While Savio was never regarded as a great thinker, he had the skill to locate and gather information, amassing a great number of volumes of the Via Humanitatis, rivaling even the most advanced followers of the road.

In the middle of the 12th century, Savio abandoned his research and vanished for decades, emerging in the thrall of the Beast, but not in wassail. Some claim that Savio found a fundamental flaw in the Road of Humanity that drove him insane, others say that his long seclusion from mortals resulted in the loss of his own humanity. Others blame followers of other Roads to have tempted the scholar to give into his own bestiality. After he massacred thre Cainites, six ghouls and ten mortals in Cologne, a Blood Hunt was issued on him and the Twilight Order began the hunt upon him.


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