Satiety is a measure on how well-fed the Horror of a Beast is and how well it identifies either with its Horror or humanity. It is the power source of its Nightmares and Atavisms, but is also the closest equivalent to Integrity the Begotten have.


Beasts gain Satiety by feeding according to their Hungers. At high levels of Satiety, the Horror grows complacent: Nightmares are easier to use but Atavisms are harder. A sated Horror needs to feed less, but its tastes grow more refined, so the Beast can only gain Satiety from ideal feeding conditions. At maximum Satiety (10) the Horror goes into a state of hibernation, cutting off the Beast from some of their powers until they manage to rouse it.

When Satiety is low, by contrast, the Horror runs rampant and demands more. The Beast can feed from a wider variety of conditions, but they gain less Satiety from each feeding. Their Atavisms are easier to use, but Nightmares are more difficult. At zero Satiety, the Horror will begin roaming the Primordial Dream, terrorizing everyone around it in a desperate quest to feed; not only does this threaten the well-being of those close to the Beast, it is likely to attract Heroes.

Beasts "digest" Satiety at a rate based on their Lair size, which requires a Beast to feed more often as their power grows. Beasts can also spend Satiety to heal themselves once they have retreated into their Lair, or to enhance Nightmares and Atavisms. Unlike other beings in the Chronicles of Darkness, Beast do not lose Satiety due to degeneration rolls or breaking points, and cannot buy it up with Experiences.