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Satiety is a measure on how well-fed the Horror of a Beast is and how well it identifies either with its Horror or humanity. It is the power source of its Nightmares and Atavisms, but is also the closest equivalent to Integrity the Begotten have.


Beasts influence their Satiety by dealing with their Hungers. When Satiety is high, the Horror grows complacent. When it’s low, the Horror runs rampant and demands more. As Satiety falls, the Horror becomes less picky but more demanding. A sated Horror needs less, but its tastes grow refined and temperamental. When the Horror hungers, the Beast becomes obsessed with finding and devouring. When it’s fully sated, it can go into hibernation, making the Beast nearly human. Satiety fluctuates wildly, and each of the different potential ranges has advantages and drawbacks.

Beasts with a large Lair tend to become hungry again faster. Beasts can also spend Satiety to heal themselves once they have retreated into their Lair, or to enhance their powers. Unlike other splats, Beast do not lose Satiety due to degeneration rolls or breaking points, and cannot buy it up with Experiences. In other words, they do not suffer a mechanical penalty even for behaviors that would rapidly reduce their Kin to insane brutes or soulless husks.


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