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Sargon Fragment

The Sargon Fragment, from the VTS Final Nights card set

The Sargon Fragment is a book or scroll believed to be written by Cappadocius during his mortal years. Some scholars believe it contains a ritual called "The Anointing" that grant god-like powers.


Cappadocius, among the greatest mages of his time, wrote down all his knowledge before his embrace, some 8000 years ago. The violence of his embrace ruined his memory and he could not find where he had hidden the document. Both he and his childer would spend thousands of years looking for the missing work.

At some point all or a portion of the work was copied to a new document called the Sargon Fragment.[1] The Fragment is written in ancient Chaldean and therefore incomprehensible to most Cainites.

By the 1600s the Sargon Fragment had been placed in the Vatican by the Founders of the Camarilla to safeguard it. In 1666 the manuscript was somehow stolen.[2]

The Fragment was later found by Lazarus, but was destroyed soon after. Ambrogino Giovanni later started looking for it in the Shadowlands.


The Sargon Fragment is an incredibly ancient document exploring pre-Hermetic magic. It is incomprehensible to any mage with a Thaumaturgy or Necromancy rating less than 5. To actually control its rituals requires a rating of 8.[3]

References Edit

  1. The Sargon Fragment is written in "ancient Chaldean". Chaldean was the language of the Chaldean Empire, founded in 626 BCE. Even if ancient Chaldean somehow existed for a thousand years before then, the Fragment would still have been made 6000 years after Cappadocius' embrace. This means it cannot be the original.
  2. Recovering the Sargon Fragment is the central plot of Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire
  3. VTM: Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire, p. 101

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