Name: Sanguinus
Bloodlines: Blood Brothers

Sanguinus is the Discipline of the Blood Brothers, which grants members of the bloodline their bizarre ability to share and exchange their mind and body parts with those in their family circle.


A curious relative of Vicissitude, Sanguinus allows vampires who practice it to combine parts of their bodies, loan them out to others and coordinate their minds and appendages.

Even low levels of it are unsettling (at best) to watch. Use of the higher levels is disgusting, indeed, as flesh parts and exposed organs, atrophied by the Blood Brothers' state of undeath, merge and pulse. Indeed, it's so revolting to watch that mortals observing the spectacle of this Discipline's more obvious powers might end up fleeing the area in nausea.[1]

Though usually only practiced by the Blood Brothers bloodline, it was recently discovered that the discipline can be learned instinctually by Caitiff, and what's more it could even be taught to other Kindred, as a pair of thin-blooded vampires discovered while under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Netchurch. While a single vampire would not be able to access it, two or more vampires sharing a blood bond could make full use of the various powers, provided they possessed knowledge of the discipline itself.[2]

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in supplements for Vampire: The Masquerade. Sources are described below in the order they were printed.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Brother's Blood [1]: Spend blood to heal the damage of others in your circle
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    • Octopod [2]: Send your limbs or organs to another in circle
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    • Gestalt [3]: Create a hivemind for purposes of communication, sharing senses, and resisting mental effects
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    • Walk of Caine [4]: Temporarily lower your Generation by raising that of others in your circle
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    • Coagulated Entity [5]: All members of a circle physical merge into a giant monstrosity


References Edit

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