Salvatore Giovanni








Rosario Giovanni



Salvatore Giovanni is the head of the Giovanni drug cartel in Atlanta. He works together with Carlita Giovanni from Cuba and the degenerate Toreador Alec Duchesne.


In life, Salvatore was bold and fearless, jumping into a fight or driving recklessly without any care of what lay ahead. He received the Proxy Kiss because his great aunt Gisella needed some extra muscle defending her holdings in a contested city. She was surprised at how effective he turned out to be. His eidetic memory and eye for detail saved her from an ambush by a Sabbat pack. He also negotiated a deal for weapons with a mortal who usually sold to local street gangs. This allowed the Giovanni access to connections with a portion of the city’s criminal elements that they had previously been cut off from.

He is renowned in the family for his eidetic memory and his dedication to his business. He is also renowned for his clean work and his dislike for violence, although he is not above using it. Making extensive use of the branch families, he is a proponent of diversification of Clan operators. In his time of service, he has also developed a preference for latina blood. Recently, with Atlanta's fall to the Sabbat, he has found himself in conflict with Tock, a young Nosferatu antitribu who wants to monopolize drug trade under his thumb.


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