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The Sacrament of the Reborn is a small self-help-group operating in Brazil. It consists of abandoned ghouls that believe that by recitating phrases from the Book of Nod and worshipping Kindred, they can call on the attention of a messianic domitor who will sate their addiction.


Primarily composed of former Gangrel, Ravnos and Caitiff ghouls, the Sacrament zealously adheres to the teachings of its leaders. Kam and his close followers dwell on an expansive private compound in Brazil; from here, the charismatic Reverend broadcasts his messages of salvation and prayer to all members of the Sacrament.

In reality, Reverend Kam is a Setite ghoul. He administers blood to the ignorant ghouls from his own private stock of addictive Setite blood, and after three prayers sessions, the ghouls are effectively Blood Bound to the Setites. Reverend Kam is being considered for the Embrace, and the ghouls are blissfully happy to have new domitors and steady supplies of blood.

Prayer really works miracles.


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