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Sabela is the Cainite responsible for the fall of Valencia from the hands of the Ashirra.


During her lifetime, Sabela was the daughter of a Valencian nobleman, and was married to a wealthy merchant. When the Muslims conquered Valencia, she was forced to flee the city along with her daughters. Her caravan was attacked by bandits and she and her daughters were taken to a bivouac to be raped. When the leader of the bandits tried to begin, she smashed his head with a stone and scratched out the eyes of another. She gained unsuspected support when a naked, filthy woman came from the woods and bit her in the neck, granting her the Embrace afterwards. In a mad flash of hunger and rage, the two devoured both Sabela's daughters and the terrified bandits.

Afterwards, the two lead a secluded life within the woods, shunning Muslims and Christians alike. It was only after her sire sacrificed herself to protect Sabela from a group of vengeful Assamites that she returned to civilization. Settling in Barcelona, she nursed her hate against the Muslims and eventually returned to Valencia in order to cripple the enemy from within. Using the tolerant climate of city, she instituted herself into the local Ashirra, even "converting" to Islam for a brief period. Gathering information on the city's defenses, she eventually betrayed the city to Elieser de Polanco in Toledo. When Valencia eventually fell in 1238, she retreated into Barcelona living undisturbed for centuries, until Alamut learned of her role in the fall of the city. A group of Assamite assassins was dispatched, and eventually killed her in 1917.

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