Name: São Paulo
Province: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

São Paulo, located in southeastern Brazil, is one of the most populous cities in the Americas.


Many Supernaturals dwell in the massive city of São Paulo, each faction with its own sinister agenda.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

São Paulo is a city under Sabbat control, with a strong presence of the Black Hand. The "Catedral da Sé" acts as a major place for theological study, where an ecumenical council codifies the Auctoritas Ritae and tests Paths of Enlightenment for their compliance with Sabbat theology. Archbishops, Bishops, Prisci, and other leaders of the sect attend this council by invitation only, and being asked to attend is both an enormous sect honor and a chance to shape the Black Hand’s religious policy. Second only to the seat of the Regent in Mexico City, São Paulo is emerging as the spiritual center of the sect, much to the dismay of some Elders, who would prefer a location more closely to the Vatican or similar institutions.[1]

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

São Paulo is home to a population of Balam[2]. Otherwise, its Fera population is unspecified, although it is possible that there are urban Garou involved in the Amazon War.

Mage: The AscensionEdit

The NSC of the Void Engineers have a large base in São Paulo, hooked up to information networks provided by the New World Order. The goal of their base is to sift through information to learn about incoming supernatural threats and react to it. Their primary training academy is located here, so that they can filter new Cadets through a crash course/residency program to fill up their ranks that got diminished during the Avatar Storm.[3]

Wraith: The OblivionEdit

São Paulo is reported to have a population of Wraiths.[4] In a scenario presented in Time of Judgement, the local Necropolis is burnt down by spiritual fire, creating a special breed of Spectre known as Emberlings.

Changeling: The DreamingEdit

As the Kithain avoid the South American continent, it is unlikely that any standing organization of them can be found in São Paulo.[5]

Hunter: The ReckoningEdit

Imbued arrive on occasion in the city for the hunt, but have no permanent residence.[2]

Mummy: The ResurrectionEdit

Several Chaskimallki are reported to be active in the outskirts of the city.[6] In one of the scenarios in Time of Judgement, São Paulo is attacked by a group of Uchumallki in league with the Hand of the Eclipsed Sun, and burned to the ground with a magical conflagration of flames that burn even beyond spiritual barriers[7].


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