Name: Roses of Eden
Nicknames: Noddists
Path: Acanthus
Order: any (favoured by the Free Council)
Arcana: Life

The Roses of Eden are a Legacy that dispute the value of rebuilding Atlantis and strive instead on constructing a society that encompasses every facet of the modern age. The Diamond Orders strongly oppose this goal and some Consilia regard the Legacy as nothing less than a terrorist organization. They deal heavily with Life.


The Roses of Eden are mages that denounce the Pentacle, and the Atlantean paradigm in general. It isn't that they claim Atlantis never existed -- certainly the temples and Artifacts, to say nothing of phenomena such as ananke, indicate that some civilization of mages predated known history. What the Roses object to is basing the current, modern-day society of the Awakened on a society about which so few concrete facts are known— and what is known only tells stories about arrogance, eliticism and overwhelming pride. After all, mages are aware that the Seers of the Throne take their orders (or at least inspiration) from ancient, ascended masters -- why, then, do the Pentacle mages insist on doing the same thing? Oracles or Exarchs, it doesn't matter. Both are inscrutable, both are unknowable, and both are not of the Fallen World. Better, surely, to create a new society, one truly born of the modern era. Perhaps the most controversial point of their attitude, some Roses even cultivate contact with sorcerers whose power doesn't come from the Supernal Realms at all. Not all magic is Awakened in nature, and while most mages seem to feel that any magic that doesn't directly stem from an Awakening is an inferior or even stolen version of their own power, the Roses of Eden view all magic as having a place in their ideal society. The Fallen World is a dangerous place, and having allies that don't suffer Paradox or engender Disbelief can only benefit the Awakened, even if their powers aren't as versatile.

The Roses of Eden haven't made a great deal of progress toward establishing their society yet, largely because they have thousands of years of Atlantean tradition to break through. In some Consilia, the Roses have succeeded in doing away with some of the tradition offices. Instead of a Hierarch, a visiting cabal might find a Committee, or even a President, elected for a short time by the mages of the city. Rumor has it that one city's mages even collectively renounced their order membership and pledged themselves to the Roses of Eden. This city (the exact location varies depending on who is telling the tale and why) lost all of its mages over the next six weeks, and now no Consilium at all remains. The more militant Roses of Eden have their theories about what really happened, but the moderate members of the Legacy doubt the veracity of the story.

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