The Road of the Yasa, also known as Via Yasaq and dubbed "barbarians" among the Westeners, was a Road of the mongolic vampires, specifically of the Anda, that recalled many of the traditions of warrior-brotherhoods (who were also called yasa) among the mongols. The main teachings of the Road were that those who settled down are weak and deserving of being plundered by the strong. Protection of ones blood relatives, be they kindred or kine, was also praised among the followers of the road. Special protection was levied to ones anda, or blood-brother, a tradition among the mongols that cainites often enhanced with a blood bond of both parties.

Although personal honor was a paramount for the followers of the road, honor on the battlefield was seen as weakening oneself. A barbarian fought to survive and would use every method he had available.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

10 - Spending more than three nights at one place

9 - Disobeying the order of your ruzyan

8 - Lying to one who has proven himself honest

7 - Ignoring an insult

6 - Abusing your herd

5 - Performing "civilized" labour

4 - Losing a battle due to pride

3 - Lying to your family or anda

2 - Betraying your family

1 - Betraying your anda

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