The Road of the Slain, also known as Via Einherjar, is a Road practiced among the Norse vampires and serves as a reminder of the ancient ethics that the All-Father gave them. The Road teaches responsibility, courage in the face of adversity and individual initiative. Many drive off the Beast by acts of iron-willed discipline and courage, such as watching the sun rising.

Most of the followers of the Road are disrespectful, self-serving and physical abusive to those they don't respect and often, even the people they do respect are only treated slightly better.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

10 - Stealing or cheating

9 - Not challenging a weak leader

8 - Begging or otherwise asking for help

7 - Failing to kill for reasons of conscience

6 - Failing to boast and spreading your tale

5 - Hoarding or otherwise miserly actions

4 - Performing an unmanly act

3 - Showing fear or hesitation in the face of peril

2 - Running away from danger/Breaking a sworn oath

1 - Backing down from a challenge


Wolves of the Sea, p. 72

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