The Road of the Abyss was a version of the Road of Bones, constructed by Abyss mystics of Clan Lasombra. As they are immersed in the undying study of a force transcending and ultimately opposing all light and life. Humanity and concepts like right or wrong have little use to those who study the mysteries of the outer darkness.

Some of the scholars among the followers of the road draw similarities between the Abyss and the Well of Bones known to the Cappadocians. In the Modern Nights, most Abyss mystics study the Path of the Allied Night.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Showing fear of the dark Darkness has much to teach us about the Abyss.
9 Failing to observe a manifestation of darkness Only through observation can one increase knowledge.
8 Expressing reverence for creation Creation is a blight, a taint of the purity of the Abyss.
7 Refusing to feed when hungry Hunger is a manifestation of the void.
6 Refusing to kill when it is the most expedient path Everything returns to the Abyss in time.
5 Giving in to frenzy In order to master the darkness, you must first master yourself.
4 Refusing to share knowledge with another Abyss mystic Full understanding of the Abyss cannot be attained without the insight of others.
3 Letting morality hinder study of the Abyss Morals are a light-born weakness. We are creatures of darkness
2 Needlessly avoiding the darkness We are creatures of darkness. To reject it is to reject yourself.
1 Showing aversion to the Abyss You cannot master that which you fear.


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