Name: Road of Set
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

The Road of Set is the spiritual Road of the Followers of Set.


It is dedicated to the worship of their Antediluvian and those who follow the Road of Set seek to restore him. Those who are not part of the faith of the Road are viewed with suspicion and distrust.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Score Moral Guidline Rationale
10 Pursuing personal indulgence over the interests of the Path Dissolution is the pastime of the weak.
9 Refusing to aid another follower of the Path We must work together if we are to eliminate our enemies.
8 Failing to acquire leverage against enemies of the Road The unrighteous shall be destroyed and the weak converted.
7 Refusing to spread the worship of Set Those who bear the blood of Set bear a sacred duty to spread his word.
6 Failing to observe Setite rituals Only through our devotion do we earn Set's favor.
5 Failing to sow chaos among the enemies of the Road Let the ungodly be cast down.
4 Failing to do whatever is needed to convert the pious of other faiths Where they lead, others will follow.
3 Obstructing another Setite's efforts We all work toward a common purpose.
2 Refusing to aid in Set's resurrection It is our sacred duty to restore our lord's place in the world.


Worshipping any god but Set

Set is our progenitor and protector. There is no true god but Set.

Version DifferencesEdit

In VTDA and DAV, the Road of the Followers of Set was the Road of the Serpent. In V20 Dark Ages, this Road was split into the Road of Set and the Path of Apep.


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