The Road of Service (Via Servilis) is a minor Road practiced solely by Gargoyles. Its tenets "proclaims that only actions which please and venerate the creators of Gargoyle-kind are worthy of admiration." For a time the path ensured the bloodline's loyalty to Clan Tremere. In modern nights few can be found that still follow the Road. Those that do remain willing slaves to the Tremere serving the clans needs as servant and warrior

The Road of Service relies on the virtues of Conviction and Instinct.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Road Rating      Minimum Wrongdoing for Conscience roll                 

10                       Disobeying the direct order of the Great Mother          

9                         Disobeying the direct order of another Creator

8                         Disobeying a direct order of a Tremere master

7                         Thwarting the intent of an order

6                         Disobeying any master

5                         Failing to punish an insult against the masters

4                         Failing to avenge a crime against the masters

3                        Remarking on the fallibility of the masters

2                        Shirking an opportunity to suffer injury

1                        Shirking an opportunity to die gloriously

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