Via Paradoxi seal

Via Paradoxi, commonly called the Road of Paradox and known as Tariq el-Tanaqud to Islamic Cainites,, is one of the minor Roads that kindred may choose to follow in Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. It is mainly followed by the Ravnos, and its followers are called Deceivers.

The Deceivers believe in a higher purpose for everyone, including themselves, other Cainites, and mortals. Their task in life is to guide everyone to their higher destiny. If needed, this includes death, especially for kindred they view as wayward and having fallen from their true destiny. Mortals are safer from these fatal punishments, as they are more directly involved with the life cycle of the universe. Only outright refusing what a Deceiver views as their destiny will result in death.

Like the Sentinels of Via Sanguinus, the followers of Via Paradoxi are not particularly well-received by other Cainites. However, the Deceivers are loners to the end; unlike Via Sanguinis, there is little, if any, organization to the Road.

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