Via Noctis seal

Via Noctis, commonly called the Road of Night, is one of the minor Roads that kindred may choose to follow in Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. It is mainly followed by the Lasombra, and its followers are called Redeemers or Confessors.

The Redeemers feel the weight of Caine's curse and their own damnation, even more so than those who follow Via Caeli. Also like the Noddists, the Redeemers seek redemption and forgiveness, and to earn it requires suffering and purification. However, instead of the fairly benign ways of the Noddists, the Redeemers actively go about the world of man, punishing and killing mortal sinners. Some followers of Via Noctis offer penance for lesser deeds, and still others will embrace irredeemable mortals to help them in their punishment. They also target Cainites who would tempt mortals into corruption, outstanding examples being the Followers of Set and the Baali.

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