The Ritual of Sacred Rebirth is a ritual known to be capable of turning Kinfolk into full werewolves. Garou created in this way are known as Skin Dancers.


The Ritual of Sacred Rebirth was first developed by aztec Kinfolk of the Balam in Mexico. Princess Ichtaca gathered multiple resentful Kin around her, making dark pacts with entities she barely understood. Ichtaca flayed her own Balam father as well as all of her werejaguar brothers and stitched their skins together, transforming her into a Balam herself.

The ritual was rediscovered by Samuel Haight. His version takes the pelts of five Garou and uses their skins to induce the First Change in a Kinfolk. To perform this ritual, one must slay five different Garou, all within the same lunar auspice, and completed within that same auspice as well. The Kinfolk rolls Wits and Rituals against a difficulty of 9, and only one success is needed. The process is irreversible and the Kinfolk becomes, for all intents and purposes, Garou.

Unless all five pelts were given to the Kinfolk willingly, the Skin Dancer is revealed as Wyrm-tainted and will be revealed as such to Gifts such as Sense Wyrm. Spirits are also loathe to bargain with Skin Dancers, and usually must be fought in order to bind them to fetishes, Talens, or to teach Gifts, but the Totem of the Skin Dancer, Minotaur, can help the Skin Dancer find spirits. Gifts are all learned at six times the experience cost, except for Gifts specific to Skin Dancers, which are learned at the normal rate.


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